No Loitering
Paint and Wooden Chairs

No Loitering is a very conceptual piece that can relate to many racial and social issues in our community. Sanders chose the words No Loitering because it is often seen in low income neighborhoods on business and residential buildings. The idea of this work is to realize the contradiction of our society.  This piece directly says No Loitering but also gives you a place to sit. It is contradicting. African Americans are told that if they want to advance in our society they must, go to college, get a nice job and live a happy healthy life, but in this society people of color often don’t have the resources to go to college, or even live a healthy lifestyle. Exploitation of the lower class will keep the poor people poor. Miseducation, healthcare, pharmaceutical companies, and many other factors contribute to the exploitation of the lower class. How can African Americans really step out of this centuries deep hole without the resources that make it possible?